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LLC AQUAANALYTIC is the general authorized importer of Evoqua equipment (Germany) for the territory of Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus and other CIS countries as well as Israel and Turkey.

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Why is Evoqua the manufacturer of the world's best water treatment and purification solutions?

Evoqua solutions are used to clean more than 70% of the total US municipal wastewater, which means meeting the needs of more than 225 million people. Evoqua works with the 20 largest leading food and beverage companies in Europe and the USA, providing the purest water in order to create high-quality products. The 20 largest energy companies in North America are partners of Evoqua.

Pharmaceutical companies require the purest water of exceptional quality that is why more than 85% of these companies trust its production to Evoqua. 18 out of the 20 largest US refineries are turning to Evoqua to develop water treatment and purification solutions. 90% of the largest chemical companies use the services of the company Evoqua.

Do you need a service?

Thanks to the largest service network around the world, covering 85% of the countries' population, any Evoqua technician takes no more than 2 hours to reach his/hers destination. In total, about 90% of Fortune 500 global companies trust Evoqua to create water treatment and purification solutions for their enterprises. The civilian fleet uses Evoqua's CAPAC technology to protect 60% of its ships. Evoqua equipment, manufactured under the JWI J-Press brand, is installed at more than 10,000 enterprises in 70 countries of the world, and annually it processes almost 55 billion liters of wastewater.

Evoqua is a global leader in wastewater treatment transforming it into drinking quality water, as well as the main supplier of equipment and deodorization services for wastewater treatment systems for US municipal enterprises. Evoqua is recognized as the world leader in the production of membrane ultrafilters for wastewater treatment systems for use in portable equipment. In this area, our Memcor brand is the first to be introduced on the market.

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