industrial water treatment systems

Ask your contractors for a continuous electrodeionization and electrodialysis water systems using CEDI EDI IONPURE or NEXED modules.

Industrial water treatment systems - Electrodeionization and Electrodialysis Modules

IONPURE® EVOQUA systems are a state-of-the-art solution for industrial needs, covering both small and large company needs. The system uses efficient CEDI / EDI cell and module technologies, which guarantee, among other things, cost-effective maintenance.

A wide range of users from various industries have a need for deeply purified and demineralized water. With a large number of technological processes, there is a need for water purification with specialized equipment, and its requirements are regularly increasing.

The technical requirements indicate the criteria for water, as well as the performance of the industrial water treatment system, which is able to provide all the processes. The key selection criterion for the contractor is the cost of the system and its installation. In fact, the choice of equipment is not so simple - it is important to understand how much the system will cost to service, and how it is generally produced: are consumables needed, is equipment downtime expected, and therefore technological processes, is duplication of functionality required at the time of downtime.

A large number of companies enter a tender or competition and offer industrial water treatment systems that meet the technical requirements of the customer. Indeed, the price of these solutions (they can be made using various technologies) may be lower than that of competitors. This provides a gain in the tender, but may result in additional troubles and costs for the customer in the future. We will now describe why.

Electrochemical methods of water purification by electrodeionization and the presence of a deionization module are the main and mandatory conditions in a water purification system. They may be different. Conventional technology that runs on ion-exchange resins will necessitate the continued procurement of chemicals for the regeneration of resins. In fact, this is not an inevitable constant in water treatment, when using the cells of the IONPURE EVOQUA system, this is not needed.

The cost of installing a system using ion-exchange resins is more attractive, and the initial investment of the customer will be more pleasant than when buying a continuous electrodeionization system, but then he will encounter problems. The resin recovery budget will be substantial and financially burden the user. The total cost for the entire time of using such an installation compared with the cost of the installation with continuous electrodeionization will be much higher.

The problem is not only in financial costs - the interruption of the module at the moment when the ion exchange resin is exhausted, reduces the efficiency of the system and stops the process. To prevent the latter from happening, you have to duplicate modules. This not only increases the cost, but also complicates the design of the system - additional pipelines, stopcocks and other devices appear, as well as additional automation that should regulate all this. The result - the system is bulky, vulnerable, requires constant maintenance and trained staff in the state.

Engineering companies involved in the installation of purification equipment do not point out alternatives to the buyer, demonstrating their processes as mandatory. Plus, in the future, by signing an agreement on the maintenance of systems, they will be able to get a good income on services.

The IONPURE module and desalination methods provide a great alternative to legacy systems. They regenerate the resin on their own and thus guarantee process continuity. This eliminates all the above disadvantages:

  • additional backup equipment or downtime;
  • high cost of maintenance and consumables.

During the entire time of using the industrial water treatment and water purification system, the user will feel the economic benefits. The average life of the IONPURE EDI electrodeionization modules is 7-10 years.

To buy IONPURE or NEXED EVOQUA inTurkey, contact your Pure Water Group's authorized distributor, AQUAANALYTIC.


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