Ultrafiltration of water - laboratory water treatment systems

AQUAANALITIC - Laboratory water purification systems and water treatment. Our systems produce the following types of water for laboratory use: type 1, type 2, and type 3. Our company is an official distributor of equipment and water treatment systems of the brand Evoqua (Germany) - the well known market leader in the field of chemical water treatment.

Water treatment and water purification systems:

The proposed equipment meets all quality standards of microbiological, pharmaceutical and chemical laboratories.


LLC AQUAANALYTIC seeks to have the highest quality in its list of offers for customers and selects only the most reliable partners among global manufacturers. “The pleasure of quality” is our motto that we follow in everything! This is the quality of technology, manufacturing, the quality of our engineering services and, of course, the quality of management.

The management of our company was tasked: to study the market of water purification system manufacturers up to indicators exceeding ASTM, CLSI, ISO 3696, CAP standards for Type I, II, III water; to choose from this list those who use the most modern, proprietary filtering technologies; to select a manufacturer with the most advanced internal diagnostics of all filtering processes with showing them on the display; to determine which of this list has the highest quality of used materials, components and optimized the internal space of the system for convenient access to the service; to be present on the world market of water purification systems for more than 30 years, and certainly to get a brand with a well-deserved trust of buyers; and, of course, to provide reliability of consumables and spare parts anywhere in the world.

The most important criterion in the presence of all the above requirements is the cost! The cost of the system itself, the cost of consumables and the cost of the resulting product which is an ultrapure water.

You may have guessed that the list of manufacturers that best meet these requirements has narrowed down to the Evoqua company's offer.

We are pleased to get your specialists acquainted with the basic models of water purification systems for the laboratory, which you can see below.

The basic systems are presented to your attention. Having contacted our specialist, you can ask all technical questions you are interested in and formulate your technical task. You will receive a quick response that matches your desires and the cost of a set of laboratory water treatment systems.

All systems are ready for operation, have detailed manuals in your and English languages. Systems for connecting do not require calling a service engineer.

Choose your system and you will be satisfied.

With pleasure of quality