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AQUAANALYTIC company is the official distributor of Pure Water Group® (Netherlands) in Belarus, Ukraine and Kazakhstan - the world's leading manufacturer of industrial lab water purification systems with uncompromising manufacturing quality of all components. Energy, chemical production, microelectronics, food industry. As well as the production of pharmaceutical water (PW) and sterile water for injection (WFI). Pure Water Group official site

The headquarters and production of the Pure Water Group is located in Sprundel, not far from Roosendaal in the western part of the Netherlands.

Pure Water Group is recognized as a world expert in water purification systems and for more than 20 years it has been creating the highest quality systems using the most modern technologies and solutions. Workmanship, materials used, engineering architecture, layout design, accuracy according to customer requirements are the distinctive features of this company, unattainable for many competitors present in this market. The authority of the Pure Water Group, as an extraordinary company in this segment, is recognized by customers around the world in various industry sectors, which is confirmed by more than 300 completed water treatment contracts in different countries. It should be noted that the commissioning of best water treatment systems in remote regions requires special skill and debugging of communication technology and is not available to most manufacturers of water treatment systems.

The highest quality rating and trust in professionalism of the brand:

The Pure Water Group was selected as the supplier of water purification systems for the unique ITER (International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor) project - an international experimental fusion reactor where we take part in the person of the Kurchatov Institute, the State Atomic Energy Corporation Rosatom and other companies. This is the best recommendation for the uncompromising quality and reliability of the Pure Water Group engineering.

More details:

Energy, healthcare and the pharmaceutical industry, the food industry, the production of fresh water and ultrapure for desalinated microelectronics are an incomplete list of directions for the presence of the Pure Water Group in the world market. Also, injection water for the production of critical medicines as the highest generation of water treatment systems technologies development.

It should be noted separately that the Pure Water Group is an annual honorary participant of the world's largest exhibitions, seminars related to advanced water treatment systems and technologies and the general special partner of Ionpure Evoqua. The Pure Water Group is authorized to use its own logo on the Ionpure Evoqua electrodeionization modules and cells and produces turnkey solutions for equipping block-type electrodialysis systems of any capacity with existing or ultrafiltration water systems for customers around the world.

Best water treatment systems are created based on the unique needs and goals of each customer and are individual. Customer satisfaction in the operation of the equipment is worth all the efforts spent by our team. We strive to exceed your expectations in the design, manufacture and service ... quality really matters!

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