Laboratory water filtration and reverse osmosis systems

Ultra Clear RO reverse osmosis laboratory systems - combine modern technology with the highest economic efficiency. Installations prepare type II water by passing water through a pre-filter, reverse osmosis and ion exchange resins. Installations are compact and ergonomic, will not take a lot of space in the laboratory.

reverse osmosis and deionization systems for water treatment

The Ultra Clear RO EDI model is equipped with an IONPURE electrodeionization cell, instead of the usual ion exchange resins. The peculiarity of this solution is the constant water quality, due to the continuous regeneration of the cell and the absence of the need to replace it for at least 7 years. The quality of such water has the following parameters:

  • Conductivity: <0.06 µS/cm
  • Resistance: > 5 (10-15 typical)
  • TOC: <30 ppb

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