RO DI water purification system - Laboratory Water Treatment

Reverse osmosis water systems with a deionization module for laboratory-grade filtered water

Evoqua Ultra Clear RO DI
system of receiving ultrapure water

System for producing ultrapure water by reverse osmosis and deionization

The Ultra Clear RO DI model range allows you to get filtered water with a salt content reduced by about 98%. These systems produce further treatment of water that has passed through reverse osmosis, and bring the value of conductivity to < 0.1 µS/cm. With a retention factor of 98%, water that initially had a conductivity of 400 µS/cm and passed through reverse osmosis will still have a conductivity of about 8 µS / cm. The Ultra Clear RO DI system purifies this water to a conductivity index of <0.1 µS/cm. A deionization module is supplied with the system. This module is a directional module, the frequency of replacement depends on the quality and composition of feed water. The typical frequency of module replacement is once every three months. DI deionization modules are a more economical alternative to electrodeionization systems, such as our Ultra Clear RO EDI system. However, timely module replacement is important. The Ultra Clear RO reverse osmosis system with DI deionization module allows to obtain water, the quality of which meets most laboratory requirements. Each system displays the quality of feed and product water. The reduction in salt content is given as a percentage. Storage tanks are available in 30, 60 and 80 liters. Storage tanks up to 3,000 liters are also available.

• Preparation of feedwater for laboratories and ultrapure
water systems
• In general chemistry
• For washing machines in laboratories, as liquid for final
• Feed water for autoclaves and climate chambers
• Preparation of buffer solutions
• Photometry
• Spectrophotometry
• For the preparation of microbiological nutrient media

System performance Ultra Clear RO DI 20 Ultra Clear RO DI 30
Performance l/h 20 30
Conductivity µS/cm < 0.1 < 0.1
Salt removal percentage % 98 98
Bacteria removal percentage % 99 99
Particle removal percentage % 99 99
Product water characteristics
Pressure bar 2 - 6 2 - 6
Conductivity µS/cm < 2000 < 2000
CO2 mg/l < 15 < 15
Silt Density Index SDI < 12** < 12**
Free chlorine mg/l < 0.1 < 0.1
Total iron mg/l < 0.1 < 0.1
Weight kg 33 34
Power consumption kW/h 0.2 0.2
Power supply V / Hz 240/50 - 60* 240/50 - 60*
Power supply mm 530 x 340 x 420 530 x 340 x 420