Water treatment systems for laboratories up to type 1

Labostar PRO series are cost-effective water treatment systems up to type I for the laboratory.
System Labostar PRO is an installation allows you to get Type I and III water immediately from the tap. The Labostar PRO model prepares water of the first type from previously prepared one, namely distilled, deionized or purified water by reverse osmosis.

All systems are equipped with a built-in 7-liter tank, for the permeate in the case of Labostar PRO, or for storing Type III water in the Labostar PRO TWF system, from which additional purification will occur.

All systems provide diagnostics of key parameters of water, nutrient and resulting. Information is displayed on a monochrome screen. Also on the screen are system warnings about the need to replace a particular cartridge and other useful information.

The quality of received Type I water exceeds quality standards, including: ASTM Type I, SLCI and ISO 3696 Type I.

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