Laboratory filtration / water purification systems

Laboratory water filtration system RO + DI

Evoqua LaboStar 10 RO + RO DI
water treatment system

Reverse osmosis ultrafiltration system for ultrapure water

Devices of the LaboStar RO / RO DI model range allow to obtain high quality water with low energy consumption. Thanks to the use of "energy-saving" membranes, the operation of these systems is highly efficient and economical. All LaboStar ™ RO / RO DI systems are equipped with an integrated storage tank with a volume of 7 liters. Purified water is collected in a tank and re-circulated in the system using an integrated pump. The LaboStar RO system produces Type III water. LaboStar RO / DI is equipped with an optional deionization cartridge. This cartridge cleans water type III to meet the standards of type II, the value of electrical conductivity of the produced water is <0.1 µS / cm. Each of the models of the device is equipped with two distribution points: the water supply can be carried out using a remote dispenser or via a dispenser located on the rear panel of the device. A charged 0.2 µm sterile filter built into the dispenser holds bacteria and endotoxins. This allows you to produce pure water with a level of endotoxins <0.001 EU / ml, eliminating the need to use an expensive ultrafilter. An uncharged 0.2 µm sterilizing filter is also available. The volume of the storage tank can be increased by using additional tanks with a capacity of 30 or 60 liters.

• Connect to municipal drinking water systems
• Built-in storage tank with a volume of 7 liters
• Ultrapure water feed directly to dispenser
• The dispenser is usable and convenient to operate
• Presence of the silent work mode
• Quick disinfection process
• Fast module replacement due to quick connectors.
• Simple endotoxin retention / sterile filter 0.2 µm available as optional equipment
• Monitoring the conductivity value of water that has undergone a reverse osmosis or deionization module

• Ion exchange chromatography
• Pathological studies
• Studies in the field of cytology and histology
• Preparation of buffer solutions
• Photometry and spectrophotometry
• For the preparation of nutrient media
• Electrophoresis
• General chemistry
• Preparation of feedwater for production systems
of ultrapure water
• Preparation of liquid for final rinsing
of laboratory instruments

Flow rate l/h 10
Salt removal percentage % 99
Bacteria removal percentage % 99
Particle removal percentage % 99
Permeable conductivity µS/cm < 0.1
Bacteria* cfu/ml < 1
Particles > 0.2 µm per ml < 1
Max. flow rate l/min 1.2
Liquid flow rate @ 0.5 bar l/h 70
Liquid flow rate @ 1 bar l/h 65
Product water characteristics
Pressure bar 0.1 - 5
Conductivity µS/cm < 2000
Silt Density Index SDI < 12**
Free chlorine mg/l < 0.5
Total iron mg/l < 0.1
CO2 mg/l < 15
Temperature °C 5 - 35
Weight kg 24
Power supply V / Hz 100-240/50/60
Dimensions (HxWxD) mm 535/290/400