industrial water treatment systems

Ask your contractors for a continuous electrodeionization and electrodialysis water systems using CEDI EDI IONPURE or NEXED modules.

Industrial water treatment systems - Electrodeionization and Electrodialysis Modules

IONPURE® EVOQUA systems are a state-of-the-art solution for industrial needs, covering both small and large company needs. The system uses efficient CEDI / EDI cell and module technologies, which guarantee, among other things, cost-effective maintenance.

A wide range of users from various industries have a need for deeply purified and demineralized water. With a large number of technological processes, there is a need for water purification with specialized equipment, and its requirements are regularly increasing.

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industrial water purifier system

Advice from AQUAANALYTIC – always ask the supplier for a letter of authority and verify its authenticity

Industrial water purifier system - Buy only From Authorized Dealers!

If a company on its websites calls itself an official representative, exclusive distributor, dealer of Evoqua, this does not mean that it is. Always ask for a letter of authorities and certificates.

Sellers of laboratory and industrial reverse osmosis systems on the network may be unofficial representatives of the brand, but claim the opposite on their online resources. This is done in order to obtain contracts by any means. The client is misled by this information and suffers inconvenience and loss in this regard. Such companies do not have any documents confirming the official representation.

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Laboratory water purification systems Evoqua

Choosing a laboratory water treatment system is “easy”!

Laboratory and Industrial water purification systems – how to choose?

The purpose of this article is to draw the client’s attention to water purification laboratory equipment that allows pure water to the extent of chemically pure and briefly explain that ultrapure water is a finished product and certain modern methods and tools are used, and this product cannot be obtained in any other way at present.

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Laboratory / industrial reverse osmosis system

Reverse osmosis systems for Evoqua Protegra laboratories from the general importer in Turkey AQUAANALYTIC

Reverse osmosis system for laboratory and industry – Protagra

The need for best water treatment systems for laboratories in various research areas is now extremely high. Ultrapure water systems, as the main solvent, is often used in large volumes both for sample preparation and for washing laboratory glassware manually or automatically, for washing furniture, floors and walls in rooms, and is used in autoclaving and in humidification systems. It is obvious that hard water or water from the city network often leads to irreversible salt or other deposits on surfaces of various types, including laboratory instruments, which causes a lot of trouble associated with this.

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Laboratory water purification systems EVOQUA

AQUAANALITIC company expands sales geography: Turkey

Advanced water treatment systems Evoqua – available in Turkey!

The company “AQUAANALITIC” is the exclusive distributor of Evoqua in Turkey. We are pleased to announce that with the expansion of our authority to supply water purification systems for laboratories in this region, Evoqua is now able to offer fast and high-quality service to its customers in Turkey, as well as technical support and low cost equipment for solving problems in laboratory aqua water treatment systems.

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