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Reverse osmosis systems for Evoqua Protegra laboratories from the general importer in Turkey AQUAANALYTIC

Reverse osmosis system for laboratory and industry – Protagra

The need for best water treatment systems for laboratories in various research areas is now extremely high. Ultrapure water systems, as the main solvent, is often used in large volumes both for sample preparation and for washing laboratory glassware manually or automatically, for washing furniture, floors and walls in rooms, and is used in autoclaving and in humidification systems. It is obvious that hard water or water from the city network often leads to irreversible salt or other deposits on surfaces of various types, including laboratory instruments, which causes a lot of trouble associated with this.

AQUAANALITIC engineers still often encounter a situation in which in some laboratories a fundamentally outdated solution using a distillation method is used for aqua pure water treatment systems. This technology, in comparison with membrane filtration of reverse osmosis lab system, is disproportionately energy-intensive, the cost of treated water is extremely high, and laboratory personnel often experience inconvenience due to interruptions in service of distillers, which lasts quite a long time depending on wear and contamination of their components. The accumulation in the tank of the necessary one-time large volume of purified water also requires considerable time when using distillation technology, as well as a separate place to place this tank. Such water, with a high degree of probability, can be contaminated. The overall, cumulative work efficiency of a team of chemists or biologists may decrease due to irritation in the absence of the required amount of ultrapure water during working hours to solve certain tasks.

AQUAANALYTIC is a general importer, official distributor in Turkey of Evoqua and an authorized representative of the most advanced water treatment systems that are available in the 21st century.

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To replace existing distillers with a capacity of 1-2 l / min, AQUAANALITIC company has best laboratory water treatment systems for producing water of the first type, second type and third type, depending on the need. The systems, at the request of the client, can be equipped with storage tanks equipped with U / F lamps, a CO2 trap, which allows you to store the prepared water type 2 and type 3 decontaminated for a long time. Ultrapure water of the first type cannot be stored, according to standards, it is in continuous recirculation in the internal circuit of the system with constant readiness for selection in the required quantity. Systems equipped with an IONPURE electrodeionizer (Evoqua) are a model of reliability and unattainable quality for many manufacturers using seven stages / degrees of ultrafiltration systems for water treatment.

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If you have several rooms in the laboratory or nearby several laboratories of different directions, but each of them autonomously requires purified water of the second type or the third type for washing rooms, dishes, autoclaving or humidifiers, for other purposes, and you want to get quickly almost unlimited volume laboratory quality water – Protegra systems from Evoqua are the best choice!

Protegra family reverse osmosis laboratory equipment allow you to get from 200 to 3000 l / h and meet the needs of any laboratory for highly purified water with comfortable pressure and access to any selection points already in the existing room layout using the laid communications. The laboratory water purification systems Protegra can be equipped with an IONPURE (Evoqua) electrodeionizer, which allows the user to forget about the problems associated with water hardness during 10 years of Protegra operation without interfering with the replacement of ion-exchange resins. EONQUA’s IONPURE today is the most reliable, state-of-the-art patented electrodeionization technology for water purification and softening.

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