Water purification and ultrafiltration - laboratory water purification systems

If any problem arise in operation, please contact us immediately!

Please indicate the serial number and full name of the system, describe in detail the problem.

The technical staff of our company will make every effort to provide support for your satisfaction and smooth operation of the system.

If you have a need for scheduled replacement of cartridges, please indicate both the cartridge number in a catalogue and the quantity you wish to purchase. Do the same with other consumables.

Please place the order of consumables in advance, taking into account the delivery to your address; it will provide both an additional convenience and pleasure from operation for you.

If you have a small store of cartridges, you will always be calm and unworried.

All cartridges are equipped with fast hermetic connections and are easily changed independently by the laboratory staff.

Do not hesitate to contact our company for technical support, you are always welcome to have a consultation.

With pleasure of quality